The Laboratory

The processing of the fabrics

Our work in the laboratory is based on a long and precise fabric processing that are treated exclusively by hand. So every piece of this workshop requires a 'loving care in' execution, marked in time. The processing of a fabric follows the rhythms of craftsmanship. Here, the time is measure in quality not in quantity. The waiting times depend on the type of processing and request. Each creation is unique.


The Fabric

The fabric is a living component of the work of our shop. Before the arrival of the textile industries, fabrics were woven by hand with handmade frames. To women were given a room in the house for this valuable work. Each woven fabric, consisting of warp and weft, looks like a landscape that must be reorganized and made homogeneous. So even before thinking of printing, the fabrics are manganates. Thanks to the pressure of the rock - driven by the movement of the wheel - the fabric is fulled, softened and smoothed to prepare then to the press. In a second time, the printing is done by hand with the molds of pear wood carved by hand, that we use in our workshop.

The molds and the colors

From 1600 to today in our family museum we have about 2000 molds, exclusive of our printing house. With these molds, you can go back to the habits and customs, styles and personalities and culture that have influenced the independent craftsmen that have passed their work over the centuries. The colors used in the laboratory are natural and minerals. They are dosed expertly in accordance with a secret family recipe that passing from our great-grandfather to us continue to be refined over time. The choice of a color is essential to give the garments a brightness and vividness that is renewed with every wash. In the prints of Romagna, prevails the rust-color, a yellow ocher indelible over time but the blue color is very valuable and much required as well as green and red.

The fabric is printed wetting the molds on the color buffer, which is then placed gently on the fabric, keeping the mold unmoving and hitting it strongly with the bunch. This procedure is repeated until the color has not been fully transferred to the fabric. And so on up to complete the job. Then we pass to fix the paint on the fabric to make it permanent and always brilliant. All our garments can be washed in the washing machine and do not change color. After fixing the fabric is washed and re-passed under the mangano to be ironed again.

We test out new colors continuously, applied with other techniques such as painting on fabric (Fabric painted by LARA) why our fabrics are unique pieces, each time different from each other.


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